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Account Restrictions on TSU

Q. What restrictions do TSU place on each account?

A. In order to minimise spam content on the network, TSU implemented some limits for different types of activity. Here’s a summary of the main ones:

No more than 45 posts in a 24 hour period
Only 15 of those posts can be ‘shares’
You can only have 50 pending friend requests at any time
You can follow up to 1000 people (or 1/3 or your follower numbers once you have more than 3000)
You can have up to 5000 friends
You can mention up to 10 users per post (i.e. @flowerpictures)
You can add up to 10 hashtags per post (i.e. #flowerpictures)

The 24 hour period starts and stops at midnight UTC/GMT.

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