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How to invite Friends to TSU

Q. How do I invite my Friends to TSU?

Click the TSU logo at the top of the page.


Find TSU logo


Click ‘Invite your friends’ on the left of the page

Add Friends


This gives you an option to:

Copy Link (which you can then paste wherever you like)
Send Invites (direct to someones e-mail address)
Refer on Social Networks (posts to your Twitter, Facebook or G+ accounts)

Q. Why should I invite my Friends?

A. Like any social network, it can be quiet and uninteresting until you start following and friending people and viewing their content (and having them view yours). Whilst it’s a great idea to use TSU to discover new and interesting people, where better a place to start than with the people you already know.

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Thanks ūüôā


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Tip 1: How do you find the right people
Tip 2: Don’t be a Eucalyptus Head
Tip 3: Account Restrictions

Account Restrictions on TSU

Q. What restrictions do TSU place on each account?

A. In order to minimise spam content on the network, TSU implemented some limits for different types of activity. Here’s a summary of the main ones:

No more than 45 posts in a 24 hour period
Only 15 of those posts can be ‘shares’
You can only have 50 pending friend requests at any time
You can follow up to 1000 people (or 1/3 or your follower numbers once you have more than 3000)
You can have up to 5000 friends
You can mention up to 10 users per post (i.e. @flowerpictures)
You can add up to 10 hashtags per post (i.e. #flowerpictures)

The 24 hour period starts and stops at midnight UTC/GMT.

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Thanks ūüôā


Read more tips at:

Tip 1: How do you find the right people
Tip 2: Don’t be a Eucalyptus Head

Don’t be a Eucalyptus Head

Q. What is a Eucalyptus Head?

A. ‘Eucalyptus’ is a Crayola colour. It’s the same as the TSU branding colour, and it’s the same as the default profile picture colour.

Although the internet has distanced us from face-to-face contact, it has also given us access to people all over the world.

People still want to get to know people, and they are much more likely to feel a connection with a picture rather than some words.

Make sure you upload an image to your profile picture (and your cover). Either one of you or of one that says something about you.

It also makes sense to have a consistent image online (i.e. Facebook, G+, Twitter etc.) If people already have a connection to you, you should use that goodwill.

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Thanks ūüôā


Read more tips at:

Tip 1: How do you find the right people

How do you find the right people on TSU?

Q. How do you find the right people on TSU?

A.¬†Ask yourself…what is your interest/skill. Supposing the answer is Flower Photography; then you could start by following other photographers that either have a similar style to you or who’s work you like. This may:

  • give you inspiration for your next shoot
  • give you a new contact with whom you can share ideas
  • identify a new fan of your work

Q. But how?

A.¬†The quick way would be to scroll through the Flower Pictures page to find the images you like and connect with those people. Remember…if you like someone’s work…tell them! It’s amazing the connections and even friendships that will develop.

Bear in mind, all of my tips will relate to flower photography, but you could just as easily apply the thinking to whatever topic you like.

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Thanks ūüôā

How to grow your Family Tree on TSU

Ok…so you’ve joined TSU, you’ve posted quite a bit, you’ve shared other people’s content and you’ve even seen some money credited to your bank account. ¬†The next step is growing your Family Tree or adding TSU Children.

Full Disclosure:  At the time of writing, I have 246 Children on TSU. You can be the judge if that is a few or lots.

Why should you want TSU Children?

TSU rewards people who bring new people to the network. For every $100 dollars of advertising revenue generated alongside your content, TSU keeps $10, gives $45 to the content creator and the other $45 is distributed up the Family Tree using the rule of infinite thirds.  (for more information on this, please refer to What is the TSU algorithm? in the TSU FAQs)

How to add TSU Children?

Different people will have a different take on this, but in my opinion, your goal should not be to add as many TSU children as you can. Your goal should be to add interesting or talented children.

For example, I am a photographer.  I enjoy many types of photography, but in particular I like pictures of flowers.  So, I set up a page on TSU called Flower Pictures (@flowerpictures).  I then used the other websites and forums that I already participate in and approached photographers whose work I admired and invited them to be a contributor to the gallery.

I DID NOT talk about money, I DID NOT just randomly spam people. I personally contacted those who I thought would benefit from being featured in the gallery, and who’s work would make the gallery a page people would want to visit.

I focused on what I could offer them, FREE.

Has it been successful?

In my opinion, yes.  I now have 246 Children, that are making the TSU network better.  Their images are reaching 669 followers Рwhich has grown from 0 in just over a month.  I have shared 190 images to date, and these have received nearly 29,000 views.

More people are following the page daily.

What else?

I feature the week’s most popular image as the cover photo of the page for the next week. ¬†Here are the winners in the first 4 weeks (I think they are all terrific…and you should see some of the images that didn’t win!):

What should you do?

If you want to replicate the method I have used, ask yourself the following:

  • What do I like/enjoy?
  • What can I offer?
  • Where is my opinion relevant (either online or offline)?
  • How can I help?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’re on your way to having a successful TSU experience, with lots of Friends, Followers and Children.

I hope this helps.


Fraser ūüôā

ps – make that 248 children. ¬†In the time it’s take me to write this I can now welcome @paulyjoe and @jimmyphoto. ¬†Look out for them on TSU.


Increase your Friends and Followers on TSU

Ok, so you’ve joined, but what now? You want to increase your friends and followers on TSU, don’t you?

Firstly, let’s understand the difference.

What is a Follower?

A TSU Follower is someone who receives your content in their feed (your feed is what you look at when you click TSU – top middle – of your screen). If they see it, they might then Like, Comment or Share.

Following is a one-way relationship.  If you follow someone, they will not see your content unless they follow you back.

You can Follow a maximum of 1000 people.  You can have unlimited followers.

What is a Friend?

A Friend is a two-way relationship. If you are ‘Friends’, you will both see each others content.¬†If someone is your ‘Friend’¬†you do not have to ‘Follow’ them as well.

You can Friend a maximum of 5000 people, and have 50 pending Friend requests.

You can also adjust your privacy settings (click your Name (top right)/Settings/Privacy).  Within these setting you can decide who can:

  1. Post on your diary
  2. Send you a message
  3. See the link to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram profiles

You can even decide whether or not to accept Friend requests at all.

Should you accept all Friend requests and Follow back everyone that follows you?

No. My advice would be to save your Friends for people you have a genuine relationship with, either prior to being on TSU or one you have developed over time on TSU.

Yes…this will make your account grow more slowly, but it will mean that the content you see (and possibly share) is far more interesting to you. ¬†It will make your whole TSU experience better.

If someone Follows you, go and take a look at their page. ¬†Is it of genuine interest to you? ¬†If so, follow them back. ¬†If not, don’t.

But, how do I get more Followers?

You have to look for people that are interested in what you do.  For example, if you take photographs of flowers, find other people that take photographs of flowers (ones you like) and Follow them.

Take a look at their posts. ¬†Click the little heart icon (bottom right) and you’ll get a list of all the people that like their work. ¬†If you follow those people, it’s likely that they’ll be interested in your work too…and they’ll likely follow you back.

Tip – there are plenty of great photographers who’s profile can be found via the Flower Pictures gallery. ¬†That’s a good place to start!

TSU – Why you are getting it wrong

Ok…let’s start with the obvious and the honest. None of us need to join another social media platform.

I personally use: Facebook; Google+; Twitter; YouTube and Pinterest. I also use Fine Art America, Dreamstime and my own website (no need for a link…you’re on it!)

So why do you need TSU. ¬†Short answer…you don’t need it, but you might want it, and here’s why.

The nearest comparison is Facebook. ¬†The format and structure is similar and if you can use Facebook you can use TSU. ¬†But why move? Well, Facebook keeps 100% of the revenue it generates from advertising alongside your content. ¬†You know…your comments, shares, pictures, videos etc. ¬†TSU is only going to keep 10% and is passing the other 90% back to it’s users.


Why I was Getting it Wrong

I was quite excited by the model and immediately set about trying to get as many friends and followers as I could.  Much like you do with the other social networks.

Let’s face it, if we are just trying to be social with our friends and family you don’t go looking for strangers to talk to, but if you have a business, a product, a service, a skill etc. that you are trying to tell people about then you need to tell as many people as possible until you find the one(s) who need or want it.

I’m a photographer, and I have managed to build a network of great people across the various social sites. ¬†I spend a lot of time speaking to people who like, comment or share my posts. ¬†Some of them even buy my work! They are helping me promote myself and I’m happy to do the same in return for them.

But ultimately, the GET MORE FOLLOWERS attitude is selfish.


How to Get it Right

Here’s the kicker…the TSU model encourages you to think of others first, and it incentivises you to do so! ¬†Clever eh.

Anyone you invite to TSU becomes your ‘Child’. ¬†Anyone they invite to TSU becomes your ‘Grandchild’ and so on.

10% of the ad revenue goes to TSU

45% of the ad revenue goes to the content creator

The remaining 45% (in decreasing percentages) goes to the rest of the ‘family tree’


So…Who Can You Help?

Do you know an aspiring writer, painter, singer, blogger, speaker etc? Then use your personal invite to invite them to TSU. They get a new platform to promote themselves and you share in their success.

Do you participate in online forums where your opinion is respected? Introduce others whose opinion you respect and the chances are they will be successful too.

Do you have friends and family on Facebook that you would like to see being paid for doing what they are already doing for free?  Invite them to TSU.  Use your invite link and that helps you too.


It’s All About the Quality

Right now there is plenty of “Follow Me, Follow Me” noise. ¬†I was guilty of it too. ¬†But…the frenzy will calm down, and the people who will do well will be the ones with a big ‘family’ who post, share and like quality content. Spammers beware!

If you decide that TSU is for you, then please say hello when you join up.



1500 followers and 250,000 views on G+

Sounds pretty good, right?

I signed up to G+ in May of this year, having never used it before. As of right now I have 1462 followers and 232,461 views of my photographs. If you’re a G+ expert you might not be impressed, if you’re just starting you want to know how. ¬†(yes ok…I rounded up…it was a catchier title!)

Here’s the steps I’ve used (bear in mind I have a day job…as I’m guessing you do to):

Join Communities and Engage

I have joined 40 communities, most of which understandably have a focus (pun intended) on photography. They range from 27 members to 380,000 members.  Here are just a few:

Amazing Photos from Around the World

Scotland Photography

Beach Photographers

Now…it would be wrong of me to say that I get the same number of +1’s, comments and shares from the community of 27 as I do the community¬†of 380,000 but it is not proportional. ¬†The more niche a community, the more likely you are to get engagement (assuming you’re sticking to the subject).

To find communities of interest to you in G+, hover over the dropdown, click Communities and type your topic of interest in the search bar. It’s that easy.


  • +1, share and comment on posts that are of interest to you.
  • Read the community rules and abide by them. ¬†Noone likes a spammer.
  • Upload or post your own original content (pictures, thoughts etc.) that suit the community.


  • +1, share and comment on posts just because you’re looking for followers. If you’re selective, you’ll find that those that do follow you back will be much more engaged as a result.
  • Just upload all of your content to all of your communities…that just makes you a spammer…and it is ultimately counter-productive.

Shared Circles

Probably G+‘s biggest strength and also it’s biggest weakness. Personally, I don’t like shared circles, or more accurately, I don’t like the way they are used. ¬†At their worst, they are a pyramid scheme to gather followers, where the guy at the top gets all the benefit and everyone else does all the work.

However, circles that are actually curated (i.e. someone has spent months finding photographers that they liked and then shares that with you)…that’s fantastic.

I use shared circles (sparingly) and the best place I found for curated circles is¬†Circle Count. ¬†Go to Specials – Circles – Curated in the menu. Even then, you’ll need to ‘curate’ that circle so that it is interesting to you.

Creating your own Circles

This…is great. ¬†Currently I have about 10 circles: ¬†Photographers; Photography Businesses; Social Media Advice etc.

However I have also recently created 3 more:  +1ers; Commenters; and Sharers.

I try my best to add people into the appropriate circle(s) whenever they +1, comment or share. ¬†Ultimately I’m on G+ to engage, as I’m sure everyone else is. ¬†If someone has taken the time out of their day to +1, comment or share on something I’ve done, I follow them. ¬†I’m happy to help promote those that are helping me promote myself.

Also, if someone likes one thing you did, there’s a greater chance they’ll like the next thing you do too!

Complete your Profile (properly)

It takes 10 minutes of your time…do it. ¬†I often find myself looking at other people’s ‘About’ page to see if they are of interest to me. Usually they post one thing of interest, and then as if by magic I find myself there. ¬†Sometimes I immediately follow, sometimes I immediately don’t based on that page, but I’m much more likely to follow if someone has given their About page a bit of thought.

Make Links Easy

Are you using G+ to try and drive traffic to your own website?  Me too.  Highlight the relevant text click Link, add the link.

Make it easy for people!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a break. ¬†Grab a coffee and I’ll see you on the blog again soon.

All comments are appreciated…so feel free to have your say.


Make it Easy

We all have busy lives, therefore if you’re looking to provide a product or service to someone you’ve got to make it easy for them. It’s in your own self-interest and much more convenient for your consumer (genuine win-win). Photography is no different to all businesses in this sense, so you must treat it the same.

How does this apply to me.

As you may already know I have a Google+ page and a stock photography account with Dreamstime. So what is the best way to leverage the strengths that these two established services offer me.

First of all you need to engage with Google Communities. Here are just a few that I’m a member of.

Amazing Places to See
The World of Photography
Seascape Photography

As I write this, between these 3 alone they have more than 750,000 members. I’m actually currently a member of 24 communities (I’ve not done the sums…or ‘the math’).

Second, you shouldn’t join communities just because they have a lot of members. Sure…this is a way to get to a lot of people, but it’s also a way to hack off a lot of people who have no interest in what you’re doing (likewise, you probably have no interest in what they are doing). Join communities in which you have a genuine interest…that way, you’ll enjoy participating (that’s what it’s all about after all).

Next you need to engage with these communities. Comment on other people’s work and thoughts, share their work where you think that it deserves it, and most importantly POST YOUR OWN photographs.

Don’t just spam with all the photos you’ve ever taken of your dog in the back yard. Be your own critic. Does it meet the theme of the community? Would I like it if someone else showed me? Do you consider it to be one of your better/best photos. If the answer to all of these is yes, SHARE SHARE SHARE, the chances are that you’re not alone.

Don’t get too hung up on Likes, Shares etc. some people will like it and not say, others will share other people’s work all day. If someone does take time out to comment or share, thank them. A thank you still goes a long way!

Use hashtags sparingly. I recently posted this photo to a G+ community with the following details
Glenfinnan Reflections, Loch Shiel, Scotland
#visitscotland #scotlandphotography #harrypotter #lochshiel #reflectionphotography #scotlandphotos

Glenfinnan Reflections

Use the +symbol (i.e. +Fraser McCulloch) if you want to share a photo with a particular person.

Finally…and this is the most important one…provide a link to wherever a person should go to buy your photograph should they want to.

Personally, I don’t like to do this direct on the community page, but rather on the photo itself. ¬†Yes, I may get a few less clicks as a result, but I want to be in the sell (not hard sell) business.

I’d be interested to know the techniques you use to Make it Easy for your customers.

Have a great weekend.


Make it Personal

It seems the most obvious of things to say about a blog, and the whole point of the blog in the first place, but I can see how it would be very easy to get caught in the trap of just regurgitating what other people have to say.

If I ever do that…please tell me!

So this is my third post. ¬†By the very nature of it, your first post is to noone. ¬†Then somehow someone picks it up and then you have a ‘follower’…and after that it’s supposed to grow (I assume).

I wrote my first post, and noone read it. ¬†You get basic stats from Blogger about page impressions etc. and the only impressions I had had were from me! ¬†ūüôā ¬†I then worked out how to turn off me and then I had none. ¬†So that was slightly deflating.

As a few days went on I had a few pages impressions, all from the USA (which I know isn’t me…I live in Australia).

Then I mentioned on a Facebook group “Breakfast Stock Club” that I was going to write a blog. ¬†I was slightly concerned that Bonnie Caton – the lady that runs the group – might have not liked someone ‘advertising’ themselves on her page. ¬†How wrong was I. ¬†Bonnie then wrote me a message to say that she’d feature my blog in her newsletter that Friday! ¬†She was as good as her word.

So what you want to know now is what impact it had…get to the point Fraser!

Well on Thursday I’d had a few views. ¬† As of 5 minutes ago I’d had 167 page views, 5 followers (hi Diane, Larry, Nancy, Ashley and Patrice) 3 Google+ adds and 1858 views on my Google+ page.

Don’t worry, I appreciate that these numbers are still extremely small compared to the following of others, but it just shows what a bit of networking, posting, and sharing ideas can achieve in a short space of time in the social networking age.

Next time I’ll talk about keywording tips that’ll save you time (but not that much as I’ve got to go).

Have a good Monday.