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Choose a Good Username

This is a tip for TSU, but actually it applies everywhere.

If you’re going to have a public profile anywhere think very carefully about your username, because usually it can’t be changed, and you’re going to be stuck with it for a long time!

You certainly don’t want put in lots of effort to a profile, that later you may start again (or worse…give up completely), simply because you didn’t like your username.


Q. So what is a good username?

A. It should be

  • Memorable – this might simply be your own name if you intend to build a brand around yourself.
  • Easy to Spell – we all hate it when someone spells our name incorrectly, so maybe you could shorten it if yours is particularly difficult.
  • Say something about You – for example, I have 2 profiles on TSU. One is called Flower Pictures and the other is called Goofy Surfer. Both say something about me and my interests.
  • Consistent – do you have other online profiles?  If yes, then it’s good to keep a common username. That way, any goodwill you build up on another site may transfer to your new account.
  • Funny – however, only do funny if you can do funny!


Q. What isn’t a good username?

  1. Anything Rude or Offensive – unless you intend to have a rude or offensive page (and granted there are some that are successful), you will put off more people that you turn on.
  2. Random Numbers and Letters – Nothing says “I’m lazy” more than someone who can’t even be bothered to think up a title for themselves. No-one is motivated by this.
  3. Anything that tries to piggy-back on someone else’s success – Be original, be genuine, be yourself.  A username that is deliberately trying to use someone or something else’s identity in the hope that it will bring you success is doomed to failure from the start.


Sorry if you’ve just read this and thought “Damn, I wish I’d thought of this earlier”. This tip is really intended for people who have not yet signed up. However, hopefully you’ll find something interesting in my previous tips.

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