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Connect your Social Profiles

Q. What are my Social Profiles?

A. Your social profiles are the other accounts you have on Social Media, i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Q. How do I connect them?

A. There are 2 different ways.

First, go to your page.  At the top where you see your name, your username and your friend and follower numbers, you’ll also see an ‘Edit Profile’ button on the left hand side.

Connect your Social Profiles

Click that button and fill in your website details (if you have one), your YouTube channel, Tumblr and Pinterest accounts.  Click ‘Save’.

Now go back to your page and you’ll see the links on the left hand side.

The second thing to do is to connect your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Click your profile picture (top right), click ‘Settings’ and then click ‘Social Accounts’.  Fill in details for whatever accounts you have.

The next time you create a post, the Facebook and Twitter icons will now allow you to send that post directly to your other accounts (NB: make sure you do this before clicking ‘Post’ on TSU).

Social Sharing to Facebook and Twitter

Q.  Ok, I’ve got that, but why?

A. If you share your posts to your other social profiles and someone then navigates to TSU via your link (shortcode invitation) and then signs up, they will become your ‘Child’, and you may benefit from that.

It will also help you find your contacts from other networks on TSU.

Learning to use multiple social media sites in harmony is a powerful skill and one which you can use to help build brand YOU.

Don’t worry if you don’t use all the social websites.  Just connect the ones that you do.

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Thanks 🙂


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