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How do you find the right people on TSU?

Q. How do you find the right people on TSU?

A. Ask yourself…what is your interest/skill. Supposing the answer is Flower Photography; then you could start by following other photographers that either have a similar style to you or who’s work you like. This may:

  • give you inspiration for your next shoot
  • give you a new contact with whom you can share ideas
  • identify a new fan of your work

Q. But how?

A. The quick way would be to scroll through the Flower Pictures page to find the images you like and connect with those people. Remember…if you like someone’s work…tell them! It’s amazing the connections and even friendships that will develop.

Bear in mind, all of my tips will relate to flower photography, but you could just as easily apply the thinking to whatever topic you like.

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