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How much does a TSU Group earn?

The number 1 most important thing online is trust.

If you don’t trust a person, a company or in my case a TSU Group ‘owner’ (TSU speak…not mine!) you are never going to have genuine engagement.

Some of you may have wondered how much TSU groups earn. Maybe you’re thinking of setting up your own group?  So…

Q. How much does a TSU group earn?

A. There is not straight answer, as it obviously depends on how much effort you put in, how many members you have, how much discussion the group generates and how popular the content is.

However, there is one thing that’s fixed. The TSU Group economics. The 100% of monies generated by a group is divided up as follows.

  • 35% goes to the Content Creating Members (you)
  • 25% goes to the group Owner (me @goofysurfer)
  • 25% is split between the Non-Owner Admins
  • 10% goes to TSU
  • 5% goes to the affiliated Charity Partner (@Charity Water)

Q. What does this mean in dollars and cents?

A. It’s not always consistent, but it allows us to run the group competitions and give the weekly #picoftheweek prize over on the @FlowerPictures page. It also offers small (and I mean small) compensation to the admins who help make this possible, by kindly giving their time.

Transparency is good.

Thanks for being a member of the Flower Pictures TSU Group


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