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How to get more followers on TSU

So you’d like to know how to get more followers on TSU, right?

Q. Is there some magic wand I can wave and suddenly have hundreds or even thousands of followers?

A. I’m afraid not, but read on because all is not lost.

There is one thing that I’m certain of on TSU (and on social media in general)…Followers bring Followers. Think of it like a snowball rolling down a hill, the bigger the ball gets, the easier it is to get even bigger.

Q. That’s a nice little anecdote, but can you prove it.

A. Until today it was just something I’d observed, but didn’t have any proof of, so I went back to my TSU Analytics. If you’re already on TSU, you’ll probably know that you can go to your Analytics Dashboard and review your Views, Likes and Comments over the past 30 days.

Well…being a bit of a geek for the numbers (there was quite a lot of stats in my degree), I’ve noted all of my numbers since the start (Oct 2014) in a spreadsheet.  Yes…I know…but sometimes it comes in handy.

So, I decided to compare my daily new followers in March 2015 against my new follower numbers for October 2015, and here’s the results:

New Followers in March 2015
New Followers in March 2015 – click for fullsize
New Followers in October 2015
New Followers in October 2015 – click for fullsize

This is even more striking than I expected it to be.

Q. So what does this teach us? 

A. In my opinion, it’s this. If you find a social media page that has a lot of followers you immediately think it must be good.  In fact, if you found two identical pages, but one had ten times the followers than the other you’d immediately expect the one with more followers to be better.

Q. Why is this?

It’s because you assume that other people have already reviewed the page and determined it to be good. You don’t actually decide for yourself, you allow others to decide for you.

The difference between what I did on TSU in October compared to what I did on TSU in March is not much, but the difference in follower numbers speaks for itself.

Obviously I hope that people enjoy my page, but it’s up to me to ensure that people continue to follow me.

Q. So how does this help me learn how to get more followers on TSU?

A. Quite simply, it shows you that perseverance is the key.  Start by following these simple steps:

  1. Find the area/topic that interests you most (then you’re less likely to give up at the first few hurdles)
  2. You must create quality content (and I’ll do a post later about Quality over Quantity)
  3. Engage with others who are also interested in your area (remember to use hashtags)
  4. Keep going…you may know you’re doing the right thing…but you should expect others to take longer to realise.


Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up

Thomas A. Edison


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