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Is Google finding your TSU posts?

Q. Does it matter if Google finds your TSU posts?

A. Of course it does, and here’s why.

Let’s say that your hobby or profession is photography, and that macro photography is what interests you most. Let’s also say that you’ve joined TSU, and that the majority of your content is close-ups of insects. But…you really only post your images and a couple of hashtags, if you remember. It’s highly unlikely that Google is going to find your post.

Q. So what should I do differently?

  1. Always give your post a title. This should be relevant and not an attempt to spam (Google doesn’t like this, neither does TSU and neither should you).
  2. Always give your post a short description. This could be where you were, what camera you used, what the subject is, how long it took you to get the shot you wanted etc. etc.
  3. Always use at lease 2 or 3 (relevant) hashtags. i.e #caterpillar #insect

This will make it much more likely that your post will be ‘discovered’ on TSU and be indexed and found on Google.

Q. So what?

A. Well, if someone – who has possibly never heard of TSU – finds your post on Google (TSU posts are now Open Web and can be seen by non-members) and joins TSU as a result, they join under your shortcode.  They are then a child in your family tree network forever, and remember, TSU rewards both original content and those who grow the network.

Here’s something to try:

Open a new tab or web page. Go to TSU, but log out of your account. Go to Google and search for ‘YourUsername on TSU’.  Click on the link to your account.

You’ll be able to see all of your account but not interact without signing up.  So click on the link that says ‘Join’.

Have a look in the Referrer Shortcode field.  It is you!

Q. Can you summarise this?

A. Sure. Take a little more care and attention when you make your posts and gain TSU children without having to do anything!  Cool eh.

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