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Is TSU a Pyramid Scheme?

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Many people are immediately turned off by TSU because they think it’s a pyramid scheme.

By having the ‘family tree’ structure, the person who invited you to TSU will benefit financially from you being there. How much they will benefit is entirely up to you.  It will range from zero to infinity, but will always only be one third of the benefit you receive.

First we need to understand,

Q. What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A. A pyramid scheme is simply a business model that is unsustainable – and often illegal – that convinces you to join by promising payments (or other incentives) if you encourage other people to join.

Usually this means that money has to come in the front door faster than it goes out the back door.  This will often work until sign-ups start to decrease or people lose confidence.  By this stage, the owners have made their money and the little guy is left with a hole in his wallet.


Q. TSU gives payments, and encourages users to ‘recruit’ so this means it’s a pyramid scheme. Right?

A. Wrong.  He’s why

  1. It costs nothing to join or use TSU, so any money in the system is coming purely from advertisers (who choose to advertise), and not from you. You can never lose money only gain some. How much, is entirely up to you and your actions.
  2. TSU ‘only’ gives out 90% of the revenue generated by advertising, so there is always more money coming in the front door than goes out the back. If they don’t make it, they don’t pay it.
  3. TSU sign-ups have already come in waves, and the network shows no signs of going away. Usually a wave follows a user with a large following joining and bringing some of that following with them.


Q. So is it better than other social networks?

A. Well…this is a matter of opinion.  Have you ever received a share of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter’s revenue?

Have any of these networks ever directly shared their success with a charity, due the the charity’s participation in the network only?


Q. So should I quit other social networks and just use TSU?

A. No. TSU is still comparatively small (a bit under 5 million registered users) and does not have the reach of the social media behemoths. However, I think the genie is now out of the bottle and we’ve already seen (particularly with Facebook) that the big boys don’t know what to do about TSU.

TSU is going to grow. How quickly, only time will tell, but it should definitely be part of your social media setup.


Please share to your favourite social network (buttons below). I do appreciate the irony that there is no TSU button.  I predict that will come soon too. 😉

Thanks 🙂


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