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Meaningful Engagement

Q. What is meaningful engagement?

A. To me, meaningful engagement is just communicating with someone when you actually have something worthwhile to say.

If you see someone’s post and the thought you have is ‘oh, that’s nice’, then click the Like button and move on.  Do not type ‘Like’, ‘Nice’ or spam your username in the comment field in the hope that it will raise your own profile.

Q. How to do it?

A. For example, if you are looking at the @flowerpictures page, and you see a particularly nice red rose, you might like to say why you like it.  i.e.  Is it the colour? Is it the composition? Is it the lighting? Is it the focus? etc.

Better still, engage directly with the photographer – by using their username in your comment – (i.e. @flowerpictures).  You might even have a question about the image.  Where was it taken?  What camera and lens did you use?

Q. Why should you do this?

A. Because, meaningful engagement creates meaningful relationships, which should be what everyone is looking for.  Let me give you an example.

I recently took part in a discussion on someone else’s page (because I was interested and it was fun).  That led to that person making a $3.00 donation to my page.  Now…that was nice of them, but it was certainly not expected, so I in turn donated it to @detroitwaterbrigade.

However, the result of all of that is that I have built a relationship with a stranger based on respect, and a deserving charity gets the benefit.  Can you get better than that?

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