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Mention other Users

Q. How do I mention other users on TSU?

A. It’s easy.  Simply type @flowerpictures (or whatever other username you wish) into either your post or comment.

Q. How do I find someone’s username?

A. You can find it below their name on their page, or by hovering your mouse over their name where they have made a comment or their post has been shared.

Q. Why should I mention someone else in my post?

A. Although people may have you as a friend or follow your feed, this does not mean that they automatically read everything you post.  If you think something will be of particular interest to another user, using the mention function is the best way to get their attention.

However…DO NOT…spam high profile users in every post you make seeking attention.  This is a sure fire way to get yourself blocked by them or even banned from TSU completely.

Your first priority should always be to construct a quality post.  Only then should you draw it to others attention.

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