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Spammers and Copyright Infringement

Regardless of how good (or bad) you believe TSU to be, it – like other social networks – is always going to be open to misuse by people not using the service as it was intended.  Although spammers and copyright infringers are two different problems, they can be dealt with in much the same way.

Q. What is a spammer?

A. In the context of TSU, a spammer is likely to be a person that posts irrelevant, rude, repetitive comments on another person’s feed, for the purpose of personal gain.  You know the sort of thing “follow4follow”, “share4share”, “visitmywebsite” or even simply “like” 100 different times, with no thought given to what they are commenting on.

Usually this is done on pages with a large following in the hope that a lot of eyes will see the spam.  We’ve had a bit of it @flowerpictures.

Q. What is a copyright infringer?

A. These are people who use the work of another person without permission, with the view to personal gain.  i.e. copy/paste, screengrabs, removal of watermarks etc.

Q. So what can be done to stop this?

A. If you’ve inadvertently followed or been followed by a spammer, click on their profile.  Click the 3 little dots (under their username) and click ‘Block’. This will stop them being able to send you a message, write on your wall or comment on your posts.

If you notice that a post infringes your copyright, go to that post, click the 3 dots under the post and then ‘Report’.  You’ll then get a choice of options, including:

Inappropriate / Harassing me or a friend / Hate speech / Spam-Scam / Sexually explicit content / Violent or harmful behaviour /Drug use /Your intellectual property / Someone else’s intellectual property

Select the most appropriate and move on.  Do not get involved in an online argument if you can help it.

Q. Could TSU do more?

A. In my opinion, yes.  The one thing I’d like to see is a ‘right click’ ‘save as’ facility removed.  This is particularly relevant for those of us with visual content

Q. How can I ensure I’m not a spammer or a copyright infringer?

A. If you are genuine in your engagement with others, you are not a spammer…easy.  With regards copyright, if you are sharing from outside of TSU, then always make sure you have the permission of the content creator to do so.  If you are sharing from within TSU, just hit the share button and give the credit to the creator who’s content you value.  You might just form a friendship!

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