Gleneagles Golf Course

Stock Photography – What Sells?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll already know that I do 2 things with my photography.

The first is Fine Art.  Fine Art (to me) is just something that another person likes and is prepared to hang on their wall.  Other people will have different interpretations, but that is mine.

The Fine Art side of things is where I get most enjoyment, but it is not necessarily the place I make the most return.  So far, I have made more money from stock photography.

Stock photography is where your image has some sort of commercial value.  i.e. it might be of a newsworthy event; it might appear in a newspaper or magazine; it might appear on a website etc.

Here is the photo that (to date) has made me the most money.  Not that special…right?

However, the reason it has made me the most money is that the Ryder Cup was recently hosted at Gleneagles (the PGA Centenary Course).  I took my photo years ago, when my sister’s work hosted a corporate golf day there.  I offered (for free…she’s family!) to take some photos of the day, so that they could use them to help their business.

When I remembered that I had this photo, and that the Ryder Cup was about to be played there, I uploaded it to Dreamstime stock agency.  Lo and behold, I then sold the photo (to multiple buyers) before, during and after the Ryder Cup was on.

I have no idea who they were or what they used the photo for, but that’s ok.  I also still own the rights to the photo and can sell it again.

So, my point is this.  You may take great enjoyment out of taking a photograph of a beautiful sunset on a stunning beach (me too), but you might be able to eat because you took a photo of the entrance to a golf course.

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