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Hashtags Give Your Posts a Second Life

This one isn’t just a TSU tip…it applies to social media in general.

Most people do not have a strategy on social media. They throw lots of things at the wall and hope that something sticks.

It is true that there are no short cuts to success, but you can definitely make the road longer than it has to be.

If you do not use hashtags, you have to get lucky! You have to hope that one of your followers is online at the time that you post (unless they scroll down their feed for ages). You have to hope that they like your post, you have to hope that they share your post and you have to hope that one of their followers does exactly the same thing.

That’s a lot of hoping!

Q. So what can you do differently?

A. In a word HASHTAGS.  Hashtags make your posts searchable forever. That means that something you post today, can still be found a year from now, and that can give it a Second Life …or even a 3rd, 4th or 5th.

Q. So what hashtags should you use?

A. This is where people in general are getting it wrong. How many times have you seen #originalcontent on a post? If you post something right now to TSU using this hashtag, by the time your post loads and you go to the search box and type in #originalcontent your post will not be the top result in the search.

Let me give you an example using Instagram. The reason I like Instagram is that tells you the number of times a certain hashtag has been used as you use it.

Let’s say you have a picture of a red rose in a park on a sunny day. If you used #red you’d be competing with >68 million posts using the same hashtag.  If you used #flowers, you’d be competing with >59m. If you used park it’d be >14m and if you used #sunny it’d be >25m.

Q. So what does this tell you?

A. It tells you that these are popular hashtags, so the chances of someone using that hashtag a year from now and then finding your post are extremely small. They are all good hashtags to use, but they are for short-term benefit.

Q. So what else can you do?

A. Get specific! When people search online…in fact…when you search online, you want to find exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s say you used #redroses.  This reduces your competition to >466 thousand.  If you used #redrosepark there is only 1 other post!

Now…not many people will search the hashtag #redrosepark but those that do will definitely find your post, and that, makes the work you do today pay back again and again and again.

In summary, yes you should use popular hashtags, but you should also get specific too.


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