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TSU Invite Code

I can’t believe that I got to TSU Tip 13 and I still hadn’t written a post to give you a TSU invite code!

Q. What is a TSU Invite Code?

A. A TSU invite code / TSU invitation link / TSU shortcode (all these terms are interchangeable) is just a URL that you need to sign up to the social network TSU.


Q. Why do I need a TSU Invite Code?

A. TSU users can earn on the social network in 2 ways.  First, by posting quality original content and have people like / comment / share.  Second, by inviting others to the network to help it grow.


Q. So, what is the TSU Invite Code?

A. Everyone’s is different.  I have 2, because I have 2 accounts.

My personal code: www.tsu.co/goofysurfer

The Flower Pictures gallery code: www. tsu.co/flowerpictures

Clicking on either of these links will make me your ‘TSU Dad’.


Q. I’m already on TSU, what is my code?

A. Your code is just: www.tsu.co/(your username).  Your username is just the bit after the @ symbol on TSU.

If you invite a friend, family member, colleague etc. to TSU, make sure you use your TSU invite code.  You’re the one spreading the word, so you’re the one who should benefit.


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Thanks 🙂

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