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Use Hashtags

Q. What is a hashtag?

A. A hashtag is basically a word or a phrase preceded by ‘#’ and is used on social media sites to identify messages on a specific topic.

Q. But why are hashtags good?

A. Imagine you are John Smith that has just joined TSU. You might have 2 Friends and 1 Follower. You might not even have that, but you want people to see your tulip photographs.

You can either wait for your 2 friends and 1 follower to share your tulip photographs among their friends or you can add some hashtags to your post i.e. #tulip #flower #red.

Now, anyone on TSU (around 3.9 million people at time of writing) can find your post if they search using one of your hashtags.

Q. How many should I use?

A. TSU restrict each post to a maximum of 10 hashtags. This is to stop people from spamming using irrelevant hashtags. I’d suggest using 3 or 4 relevant ones is a good strategy to start with.

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