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Who YOU should invite to TSU

Inviting other people to TSU is a good thing for 2 main reasons:

1. It allows you to connect with the people you already know on a great new social network, that recognises the value of #originalcontent.

2. You improve your own personal monetisation on TSU, as the ‘parent’ of the person you invited.

Q. But is it more than that, and can you work smarter?

A. Yes, and here’s why.

TSU have introduced functionality that notifies a ‘child’ when their ‘parent’ makes a post.  Let’s say Tom invites Anna to join TSU, and she does.  From then on, every time Tom makes a post Anna will receive a notification (this can be switched off in notification settings, but the default setting is on).

Q. So what…why is that important?

A. Well, let’s think about the people.  Imagine Tom is a photographer, and Anna is an editor at a magazine that Tom has always wanted to be published in.  Now, every time Anna logs in to TSU she receives a notification from Tom (if he’s made a post).  Tom will now be at the front of Anna’s mind the next time she has a job that he is suitable for.

Q. What does this mean for Tom?

A. Firstly, people do not sign up to TSU just because you tell them to. They sign up to TSU because you contact them personally and give them a list of reasons why you think TSU would be good for them. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t, and this is fine.  If they don’t, you shouldn’t continue to pester them…you wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you!

Secondly, if Tom really wants to be seen as the go-to-guy by Anna, he now has a responsibility (to himself) to post quality content. Remember…Anna will see everything.

This will ultimately be good for Tom, good for Anna and good for TSU.

Q. What does this mean for you?

A. If you are using TSU purely for social reasons (i.e. to talk to friends and family) then invite your friends and family.

If you are using TSU for more commercial reasons, then think carefully about the people that you would like to see your content.

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